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Daniel Dubois and his camp are pressing for a no-contest to be declared after a controversial low blow call in the British fighter’s defeat by Oleksandr Usyk in Wroclaw.

A ninth-round knockout ensured Ukraine’s Usyk kept hold of his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight belts, much to the delight of the contingent of his compatriots who have resided in Poland since Russia’s invasion of their country last year.

However, the talk post-fight was of the decision by the referee, Luis Pabon, to allow the 36-year-old Usyk to recover after he was buckled by what was judged to be a low blow from Dubois in the fifth round. Both the challenger and the promoter, Frank Warren, are adamant the blow was legitimate and that the Ukrainian should have been counted out.

Speaking to the BBC, the 25-year-old Dubois said: “This needs to go further, it needs to be pushed. I should be a world champion right now. It wasn’t justice. It needs to be called out and go further than living this lie. They just cheated out there.”

Following the fight, ringside observers were split, the waters muddied by Usyk’s high-sitting shorts and the trajectory of Dubois’s arm on its way to impact, arcing upwards from below where the punch landed.

Warren was unequivocal on his stance, however, telling reporters at the post-fight press conference that the referee “got it wrong” and that his camp would be taking action seeking either a no-contest or rematch.

He said: “The situation is that we will be lobbying the WBA to declare this as a no-contest. The knockdown which the referee said was below the belt … the punch actually landed on the waistband of his shorts. The criteria, as is explained at the rules meeting, waist is the mid-point of your hips. So it’s much lower.

“That was a legitimate blow and [the fight] should’ve been stopped. He got three minutes and 46 seconds recovery time, which was wrong. He got it wrong, the referee, and I still don’t understand. If it was a low blow, why he didn’t take any points off him?

“I don’t think [the referee’s] crooked, I think he just got it totally wrong. As a result, it should be declared a no-contest in the worst case, or a rematch ordered.”

Dubois did not attend the press conference, but had earlier told TalkSport: “It wasn’t to be my night. But that wasn’t a low blow, it was a body shot. I’m gutted.”

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Daniel Dubois (right) is consoled by his trainer, Don Charles, after defeat by Oleksandr Usyk
Daniel Dubois (right) is consoled by his trainer, Don Charles, after defeat by Oleksandr Usyk. Photograph: Kacper Pempel/Reuters

The younger fighter had been the overwhelming underdog but is renowned for his heavy hitting and tipped the scales on Friday almost a stone heavier than Usyk’s 15st 10lbs frame. Usyk had initially dominated the fight with his superior skill but was suddenly in real distress after the contentious punch in the fifth. After the lengthy stoppage the British fighter was on top for a spell before the champion reclaimed the ascendancy, and, after felling Dubois towards the end of the eighth round, a straight right ended the contest in the ninth.

Following the fight, a 14th knockout win in 21 bouts, the Ukrainian was looking beyond Dubois to a potential clash with Tyson Fury, who holds the WBC belt. “Will Tyson Fury? I have no idea,” Usyk said. “I feel good. I am grateful for my team, my family, my children. I’m grateful for my country and the Ukrainian army.” Questioned about prospects of a rematch with Dubois, he jokingly suggested a “street fight – I’m ready. Tomorrow or maybe right now”.

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